Mark Drew artists, "I didnt come to stay"

About the artist

1968 was like no other throughout our world history. The assassination of Kennedy, the anti-Vietnam War and the Civil Rights movement was marking great change in the United States.

Student revolution in Paris, protests in Prague against Soviet invasion and unrest in much of Europe moved its citizens to epic crowds of emotion and strength. 

That same year, young artist, Mark Drew was born in Pacoima, Los Angeles, California. 

Although a Native of Los Angeles, Mark grew up in Plainfield, New Jersey, birth place of Irving Penn and at early age he felt the need to use photography as a means of escape.

Well known for his sumptuous black and white pictures, he emphasizes provocation and absolute seduction that are unveiled in each photographic vision with modesty and generosity.

Mostly photographing the deeper human connection with elemental objects that surround us, Mark Drew is an artist who's is not afraid to remind us that there is an unbroken link between us and the visual world that surrounds us as well as the mental world we live within ourselves. 

Perhaps the radical tradition and spontaneity in Mark's photography was shaped by the characteristics of those early years in history. 


"The tamer of light”

Mark Drew grew up with a strong idea of freedom. This spirit of liberty runs in his veins since and his beautiful images bear this DNA and quest for a genuine independence of mind. What struck me first when I looked up at his work for the very first time was the skill and easiness he has shown to secure “his prey”, like a wild bird digging its claws into its victim! Mark Drew is born for beauty, he is this kind of hunter, furtive and secret aiming to tame the untamed frontier enriching his images with a magical spell of light. This is what I call talent.

René-Julien Praz

Owner/Curator Praz-DelaVallade Gallery, Paris, France & Los Angeles, USA


"Le dompteur de lumière"

Mark Drew a grandi avec une idée très précise de ce que la liberté signifie pour lui. Ce sens de la liberté est très profond en lui-même et ses belles images portent cette recherche inachevée d'une véritable indépendance d'esprit. Ce qui m'a frappé quand j'ai regardé son travail pour la toute première fois, c'était la capacité et la facilité avec laquelle il a montré qu'il a ciblé sa «proie», comme un oiseau sauvage qui creuse ses griffes dans sa victime! Mark Drew sait comment capturer et transmettre la beauté. C'est un chasseur, furtif et secret, visant à dompter la frontière sauvage, en jetant un sort magique de lumière sur ses images. C'est ce que j'appelle le talent.

René-Julien Praz

Owner/Curator Praz-DelaVallade Gallery, Paris, France & Los Angeles, USA

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